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Dustin Turin Dustin Turin is a freelance photographer based in coastal New England, currently between Portland, Maine and Boston, Massachusetts. Specializing in wedding photography, surf photography, and editorial assignments, Dustin routinely travels on assignment and is available for hire around the world.

A passion and curiosity for people, culture, and the natural environment fuel Dustin's motivation as a photographer. This desire to learn and explore led Dustin to obtain an M.A. in Political Science from Northeastern University, all the while honing his skills as a photographer and traveler.

My camera is an excuse to look more closely at the world, and even more, to linger on the details. Being behind the lens offers us new avenues of understanding -- and new opportunities for experiencing -- both life's tiniest details and our planet's most monumental dramas.

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With extensive travel experience and the knowledge and ability to tackle the most complicated challenges, Dustin is prepared to undertake a wide range of assignments all over the world. Contact Dustin to inquire.

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Dustin offers a range of photography services to suit a variety of different needs. In particular, Dustin offers the following services (links go to details/galleries):