harmony easy content management system

Harmony Easy Content Management System HARMONY is Dustin's newly released easy content management system (CMS) for website owners.

Harmony e-CMS hands total website control over to the owner of the website through a lightweight, integrated, and easy to use interface. Not only does Harmony save you the time and hassle of having to get in touch with your web developer for simple changes, but you'll be saving MONEY every time you make an update yourself, instead of paying someone else to do it for you.


  • Add an UNLIMITED number of pages
  • Edit content in REAL TIME, without any knowledge of HTML or other programming
  • Upload images to use anywhere on your site, or create custom galleries
  • Can be integrated into virtually ANY design
  • Web based access means you can add, edit, and remove pages from any computer in the world with internet access
  • Lightweight integrated interface is fast and easy to use
  • User management controls allow you to grant access privileges to whoever needs them
  • Secure login protects your website
  • *the demo version has limited features and is intended only as a demonstration

With other CMS solutions, you're forced to pay a fixed monthly payment that varies depending on the features you use. Leading systems cost anywhere from $99 to $199 per MONTH with a comparable feature set-- That's $1,200-$2,400 per year, every year! And that doesn't even include the design of your website...

With Harmony, you BUY your access to our integrated platform for LIFE. You get free updates and fixes, and best of all, behind the easy to use system you still have the support, reliability, and advice of a real live developer who is dedicated to your success.

• Brand new, professionally designed website built to your specifications
• Full HARMONY integration for LIFE
• Domain and Hosting, free for the first year!

Ideal for business owners taking their business online for the first time, or for those who need a fresh start online. With full Harmony integration, your website can be scaled to your needs-- whether you need 5 pages or 500 pages.